About us

We are a group of international parents living in, or around, Breda in the Netherlands. We are a group that is part of the Breda IWC (International Women's Club) .

We have informal meet-ups during the week, often at members houses but sometimes at a kids farm or family centered restaurant.

Meet-ups are also organised on weekends for members who work. We have a yearly Easter egg hunt, summer BBQ and Christmas panto.

This site was created to give parents a place to find kid related activities. If you wish to join please contact the IWC at https://iwcbreda.nl/.

Play Places

Places for kids to play - Indoor and out door


Restaurants with play areas or just family friendly in general

Garden Shops

Outdoor themed shops. Normally fun to walk around and have a snack.


Zoos big and small

Outdoor Activities

Thing to do outside! In the rain! Sometimes in the Sun


Places, indoor and outdoor, to go for a swimming outing


Kid friendly farms 


Fun learning places.


For the kids who love knights, princesses and architecture. 


Looking for places for kids to learn new things?


Too lazy to make a new heading.... 

Contact us

Hove you visited some where you would like to have included in the site? Feel free to fill in the form!

Would you like to contact other international parents in the Breda area? Contact the IWC and join our meetups